This is What Young Girls Are Meant to Use to Help Them in A Time of Hurt

If you were interested in reading the article. I did read it because a mistake I make on many occasions is to read something and not see the big picture. I have read the article and sat and thought about it. Here are my thoughts.
First the list of things, and if you do not want to read the article, these are the “gifts” listed to somehow “comfort” a friend after making this heavy decision.
1. “All I Wanna Do”: ‘Cozy up with your heating pad (there will be cramps)…’ A movie set in the 1960’s where a group of schoolgirls is faced with many decisions relevant in today’s world. I love the movie myself… but a movie does not provide comfort.
2. A pair of undergarments: “… no reason not to rock em for post-abortion woes, especially because there will be blood. This is not a girls’ monthly cycle, it isn’t. After having the abortion, blood is not the only issue here. This young girl, no matter their age, is going through something much more than this and having this be a physical sign of their decision does not make it any easier… but a pair of undergarments does not provide comfort.
3. “Milk and Honey”: A book of poetry. Poetry is beautiful, especially when you’re one of the few who are able to write it. I envy you because it is such a beautiful talent. But even in the times reading poetry can give us the solace we need… it will not provide comfort.
4. A Heating Pad (in the shape of an angry uterus): “If you’ve gone the pill route, you can expect almost 3 solid days of pain. Likely worse than any period symptoms you’ve ever experienced. You’ll love it! It’s like 2 throbbing hot balls of lead are trying to escape your body, all while your stomach contracts over and over again. Huzzahhhhh! This angry uterus heating pad is the most apropos, because trust – without some direct heat, your lady bits will not be pleased.” Like Autumn says in the video, need I say more? No comfort I can guarantee this.
5. A baseball cap with the words ‘grl pwr’ on it: I am all for girl power. Women are beautiful, and we have years of history to prove it. Yay for us! But this baseball cap will not provide comfort.
6. A pin in the shape of a uterus that makes a profane gesture: “Snag this bb for your bed-ridden bestie” Keyword: ‘bed-ridden’ This pin will not provide them the comfort they need after this procedure, and to think that it will help them is not even close to comforting a friend.
7. Abortion Clinic Escort Sign-Up: This is what should be called deplorable by any means. Not the fact that you would sign up for this, but the fact that a girl needs an escort to walk into this place. Mind you, I do not support the company, but this is on a low scale where a young girl has to rely on complete strangers to help her walk somewhere. Those who protest in front of PP have NO RIGHT to jeer and mock those entering the building. If you are a Christian, you should not because that in no way is loving your neighbor. Pray for them instead. If you are not Christian, do not think this is going to help anyone’s situation, YOU make it worse.
8. We Won’t Go Back needlepoint: I agree. I don’t want to go back to a time where women have no voting rights, no rights to their children or property. No right to who they choose as a spouse. And regarded as monsters during their cycle. Oh, but wait. That’s still happening in this world. Where women do not receive an education because they are women. Where women are sold off to strange men, whether it is as their spouse or their servant, or even for some “entertainment”. This is the world we currently live in, and we still have not moved out of the ditch.
9. A coloring book themed with Ruth Bader Ginsburg: I LOVE coloring books and kudos to her for being the United States’ 2nd Supreme Court Justice. Go women!! But how does a coloring book lend comfort to someone toiling through the physical and emotional pain.
10. A box filled with Chocolate: Chocolate is a girls’ best friend and always will be, but sweets, I hate to break it to you, but it will not provide comfort.


Because in the end, a decision as heavy as this should never be made, especially for girls so young. I was in the same boat as these girls two-three years ago, and now being on the cliff of adulthood, I finally understand that these girls are scared. Most of them do not know they have more options, and people everywhere to back them up. Do not think that this isn’t scary. No matter how many sugar-coated words you are fed, do not take it unless you know it’s safe. Sweets can be just as poisonous.
In the end, many women regret abortion because they did not know. Many women, not all, are FORCED to go through this. These materialistic objects do not provide comfort. That’s exactly what they are. Materials, physical objects that could not provide the support a girl needs.
My question to the woman who wrote the article, why are you thinking of buying her the comfort she needs after she has already made her decision? Why did you not provide her comfort through beforehand? Because knowing the facts, many women did not think they had ANYONE to turn to.
Fact: You have me. You have many Pro-Life women (and men) who are here for you. Do not even entertain the thought that we won’t be here for you throughout this time, ESPECIALLY after birth because that’s exactly the message of the Pro-Life group. We support all lives, no matter their status, no matter their “title”, no matter if it is the mother or the child, in the womb and outside of the womb, a child, an adult, or an elderly person suffering in this world. We care for all because we want the same done unto us. Writing this response made me want to cry because women have gone far, but not far enough to have the freedom we so crave. I love being a woman, and I know many others do, and that is all we can hope to do. Support each other through our ups and downs, and even if you are an advocate for abortion, I support you as a woman. I do not condemn you because no one deserves that. I have been on the receiving end of that condemnation and it is not a fun ride to be on, but by this post, I want to spread the knowledge that I have.
Every life is important, every woman is important, and every decision needs unbiased support because ladies and gentlemen, life is like a claw machine. That sharp glint of that claw shines on you for that one moment, the moment you want so desperately to be just like everyone else, and it pulls you out of the bunch, singles you out and puts you on display for mockery.
 But please, do tell how these “gifts” help anyone during this fragile time.
With a heavy heart,

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