As I explained on my “About” page, I am a Catholic (traditional). I ALWAYS welcome questions about the Catholic faith or Catholics in general. Please be respectful of my beliefs, and I will show you the same.

So, since I don’t know all I can/should know about my faith, and I also want to spread my beliefs, every so often, if not daily, I’ll share a martyr blog post.

Catholics believe in people we call “saints”, who through a special providence, they have been examples that Catholics can model themselves after.

(No. Catholics DO NOT worship the saints. We look to them for how to act in holiness; they are role models for us)

Without further ado, here are some Martyrs of the Day. (I am not a masochist or anything. It’s just interesting to learn about the saints’ stories)

  1. St. Juliana of Nicodemia~ St. Juliana was a convert (transitioned to the Christian faith) and was betrothed to a “pagan”. She refused to marry him so she was taken to prison, punished, and executed. While in prison, she had a vision of a fallen angel, disguised as a good angel, who tried to convince her to worship the pagan gods. She saw through its’ trick and knew the bad one tried to pull a fast one on her. She cried aloud to God, and the demon vanished, but not before admitting that it hated when Christians go to mass. Demon: 0 Christians: 1
    1. St. Juliana is the patron of women in labor and protection from infectious diseases
  2. St. Daniel, Elias, Isaias, Jeremy and Samuel ~ Egyptians who came to visit the slaves who were forced to work in mines. They were accused of being Christians, and therefore, executed. After their death, a servant of another saint, demanded the bodies be buried. he was subsequently executed (Porphyry). A man who applauded Porphyry’s bravery was also executed.

Signing off now!



One thought on “It’s A Catholic Thing

  1. I have a few questions id like to ask you about your religious beliefs. Just to further understand where you’re coming from.

    1. Do you believe your beliefs is 100% accurate? If yes elaborate please… if no then why follow it

    2. Is what you know about your religion truthful or was it given to you in a bias state

    3. Do you think if the world never had religion or gods… would we be a better world or worse


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